Marriage & Family Therapy

Couples Therapy

In couples therapy, we will work on breaking down ill-effective communication techniques and develop a fully functional system that will support connection and growth in the relationship.  We will address each individual’s insecurities that negatively impact the relationship, and learn to find acceptance and compassion in the relationship.  We will grow intimacy and passion in the relationship by learning the unique needs and wants of partners in the relationship and finding fun and creative ways to attend to those needs.

Parental Coaching

In parenting coaching, we will discuss developmental expectations in your child’s life.  We will grow a healthy support network to support your parenting needs.  We will discuss methods to encourage the growth and development of healthy, happy, emotionally stable children.

Individual Therapy

We will reflect on your history, discuss patterns that have kept you from fulfilling your purpose in life, grow a better understanding of your potential, and address trauma-related responses.  Therapy will be an ever-evolving journey to heal old wounds and foster healthy new habits.

Reclaim Your Health, Youth & Life Programs

60-Day Foundation Building

Develop the foundation for a new life of health and wellness. This 60-day program is designed to walk you step by step to a new lifestyle with a focus on nutrition, exercise, improving sleeping habits, and understanding your mind.

6 Month Peak LifeStyle

Building on a solid foundation, this program is designed to take your life to the next level with a focus on financial growth in a relationship, heightened intimacy, and spiritual development.